Project Baalika Vidya is on a mission to support Rural Girl Child education keeping in mind that stronger girls can build a stronger nation. Fortunately, our Government had initiated so many schemes and programs and we have many NGOs working on the same cause to support Rural Girls to get their education. Project Baalika vidya is definitely not one of them. We are not here to motivate girl children to go to school, we are not going to teach them the alphabet and other elementary things.

Project Baalika vidya is here to support school-going children/school dropout children with a concept based application ISCOOL. We concentrate more on assisting them to know those subjects thought in the school better and even if the child was a school dropout, she also can learn (in fact can better understand) those subjects thought in regular school from her home itself. And that too at her own pace of time.

ISCOOL app is going to have an easy to use yet powerful interface which not only helps students to get help in their regular studies but also they can explore new courses from the big universities all over the world and also they can opt some courses specially curated for them based on multiple intelligence tests


For more details visit www.baalikavidya.org

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